7.1. The Program/Project Leader shall hire personnel on contract basis to work for the program/project in accordance with existing hiring policies of the Implementing Agency. The hired program/project personnel shall not be allowed to engage in activities other than those under the program/project during regular working hours. All contractual program/project personnel shall be bound to the rules on conflict of interest.

7.2. The contract of service of program/project personnel shall be co-terminus with the program/project or to the specific work for which he/she was hired.

7.3. Program/project personnel with co-terminus appointment shall not be allowed to pursue any local/foreign fellowship/training grant nor travel abroad during his/her employment unless there is written approval from the Implementing Agency.

7.4. The project proponent shall submit to the Funding Agency a list of all personnel hired under the project, including their responsibilities, qualifications, and other relevant information using DOST Form No. 5.

7.5. The grant of honoraria to Program/Project Leaders/Coordinators and other personnel shall be based on existing DOST guidelines on the grant of honoraria. (See Annex C). The list of project personnel receiving honoraria shall be submitted to the Funding/Monitoring Agency. No honorarium shall be given to the program/project leader/staff of a project under extension.

7.6. If a Program/Project Leader transfers to another agency, the project shall remain with the Implementing Agency.

7.7. A Program/Project Leader who intends to leave the project shall notify the Agency Head of his/her plan. The Agency Head shall then submit to the Monitoring Agency the name of the recommended substitute for the outgoing Program/Project Leader. The criteria for selection of the new Program/Project Leader shall include track record on project management.

The outgoing Program/Project leader shall be relieved of his/her obligation to the program/project once the Head of the Implementing Agency has issued the appropriate clearance from all money, records and property responsibilities and accountabilities (e.g. submission of financial and technical reports).

The Monitoring Agency shall inform the Funding Agency of the change in project leadership.

7.8. The Funding Agency is not obliged to provide additional compensation, benefits, pension or gratuity to any program/project personnel who retired or were laid off during or after completion/termination of the program/project.