The Special Projects Division (SPD) of the DOST was created specifically to provide technical and administrative support to DOST in the management of DOST Grants-In-Aid (DOST-GIA). It is mandated to plan, process, review and monitor programs and projects funded under the Program. Cognizant of the Department's thrusts as well as the national programs, SPD does not only ascertain that programs/projects are in line with the DOST priorities, it also ensures that these undertakings are aimed at harnessing the country's scientific and technological capabilities to spur and attain a sustainable economic growth and development. To achieve this, the participation of various sectors in DOST-GIA funded undertakings is a must.

SPD provides support to the DOST Management in the stewardship of DOST-GIA and handles both the internal and external clients in performing the following tasks:

  1. Preliminary/initial evaluation of proposals
  2. Processing required documents to facilitate release of funds to approved programs/projects
  3. Addressing day-to-day concerns and problems pertinent to implementation of grants
    • Change in project implementation date, extension, additional funding, continuing assistance
    • Budget reprogramming or realignment and creation of new expense items
  4. Technical and financial monitoring of ongoing and completed programs/projects according to set guidelines/policies
    • Technical- Monitoring of project implementation by field visits, project assessment activities and ensure timely submission of technical accomplishment and terminal reports.
    • Financial- Ensuring that project funds are used according to the project conditions and monitoring of timely submission of financial reports.
  5. Monitoring the status of equipment purchased out of GIA
  6. Assisting DOST in the formulation, evaluation and implementation of policies/guidelines relevant to the management and administration of GIA funds.
  7. Serve as secretariat to DOST-GIA EXECOM meetings
  8. Coordinating/liaising with officials and staff of DOST agencies, other government institutions, academe and the private sector on matters pertinent to DOST-GIA.
  9. Maintaining DOST-GIA database to enhance access of clients to efficient assistance.